Nobody talks about harassment which we girls face on social sites. No matter how much we protect ourselves, but we’re always getting harassed easily everywhere. People around us always see girls with their lusty eyes. No matter if we wear shorts or burkha, we face such idiotic things in our lives and, somehow society tells […]

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Fraudulent People.

Dear girls, Have you ever realized? How a manipulative and a fake person can trap you so smartly? And you won’t even realize the fact until he misuses you. So let me tell you few characteristics of a fake and a toxic person; whose intensions gonna harm you at end of the relationship. We girls […]

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People like leaves.

Everyone and everything has different colours, and different personalities. Human nature is also like a tree and leaf. When we see the true colours of someone, and know their intentions; that so and so person doesn’t think good about us, and doesn’t have good intentions for us. So, we usually decided to leave that person […]

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There are a Beautiful Relationship Between The sun & flower Which we called “Sunflower”. Like a couple They both are Stick together With each other. There are so many Flowers in this world But nothing is more Attractive than Sunflower. Because this Flower depends to Flourish when Sun arise. I’m amazed Whenever I see Sunflower […]

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Mental illness.

Mental illness is not like a temporary cough or Cold that once you take cough syrup or medicine and it disappears instantly. This has been a huge problem where you barely find the ways to overcome as a few problems have not been resolved by doctors or hospitals. Do you realize if there have been […]

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Dard E Kashmir!

Me phadiyon se ghira hua hoon Mjhe pyar se log Kashmir kehte hain. Mjhme basti hain jannat aksar Yeh log kehte hain. Me beshumar darakhton me akela sa khara hoon Me duniya bhar ke zakhm liye khud se hi larh raha hoon. Do tukro me banta gaya hoon phir bhi uff nehi krta Me Kashmir […]

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I’ve no Words To describe My feelings In words For my Friends Because they’re The ones With whom I never feel Uncomfortable I feel not Ashamed Who am I Whenever I’m with them I feel joy They’re neither My family Nor my relatives They’re my Best buddies And without them I feel totally Incomplete Love […]


I believe

I believe You were Honest with me. I believe You were Loyal to me. I believe You loved Me only. I believe That I meant Special for you. I believe You were Doing alot for me. I believe Each and everythingExcept that you were mine only. #nabiwrites #nabialfaz #nabipoetess #nabiwriteup #nabiwords ©Nabiya Qureshi

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“Satisfaction of Solitude.”

In our lives we don’t trust anyone that they’ll always be with us. Because there are only few people who are always there, otherwise people come and go like a season. And that’s their choice they decide to come and then they leave, because their time in our lives is over. They either give us […]

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